Equality Ambassadors

Through this project we aim to celebrate the leadership that many people already take in our community and to encourage and inspire more of us to take an active role in supporting Swindon to be a place of fairness and opportunity for all.

Working in partnership with other local community groups and organisations, local employers and individuals we aim to build a network of 200 ‘Equality Ambassadors’, as well as a number of project supporters, who will help to take this project forward.

We recognise that we all lead very busy lives, so the role has been designed to be simple and easy to integrate into everyday life.  As a guide, Equality Ambassadors will be expected to attend two events per year.  This could be training or a networking session, or an annual network meeting which will aim to bring all the project members together to look at what has been going well, discuss ideas and make plans for future projects and focus.

Throughout the project Equality Ambassadors will be supported in three main ways:

Co-ordination – of people and events to enable those taking part to come together, meet each other and share and develop ideas.

Spaces – to communicate with each other, both online and in person.

Tools – to enable the Ambassadors to achieve positive change.  Opportunities for training will be made available to support their confidence and confidence in carrying out the Ambassador role.  This could include social media, campaigning, communication techniques or dealing with difficult situations – which can also be passed on to others in the community.

The role has also been intentionally left open to being developed by those that sign up.  Our aim is that the project will grow organically and be shaped by the ideas and interests of those that take part.

As well as training and development opportunities, those that taking part in the project will benefit from meeting and working with like-minded people and being supported to make a positive difference to the lives of Swindon residents.

Click here to download a role profile for the Equality Ambassadors.

If you are interested in signing up to be an Equality Ambassador, please Contact us.