The Swindon Equality & Inclusion Charter

We believe in respecting all individuals and that equality underpins a healthy, dignified and well-functioning society.  We value the presence of all members of our community, their voices and contribution.  Our aspiration is that Swindon will become a model of fairness, inclusion, opportunity and fulfilment.

  • Learn.  We commit to learning about inclusion and bringing people together, accepting everyone as valuable individuals.  We commit to listening, learning and understanding about diversity and how to remove barriers.
  • Share.  We commit to take responsibility for sharing knowledge and information that promotes positive change and breaks down barriers across the community by means of action, communication and behaviours.
  • Change.  We commit as influencers, activists and educators to use the experience of the past and present to shape the future, holding people with responsibility to account and challenging ourselves to represent all of society.
  • Action.  We commit to promoting inclusion and to challenging discrimination and unfair treatment in safe and appropriate ways whenever we witness it.